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June 09, 2005


Tina Martinson

My son Jared (13 yrs)was rediagnosed with Aspbergers Syndrome back in 2001 and we are finally making progress with him due to this CORRECT diagnosis.His initial diagnosis was ADD and it was awful because he wasn't actually BEHAVING like he had ADD all the time.An AMAZING resource teacher( Nancy Smith) who was working with Jared was the first to noticed that Jareds symtons were more Aspbergers and suggested we had Jared re-diagnosed Jared was examined by a child neurologist,who,as fate would have it,has a son with Aspbergers .
Jareds compulsive collection involves Lawn Mowers and Vacuums.To date Jared has 14 Mowers and 12 vacuums in the house.Jared ONLY has 14 & 12 in his collection is because if he wants a new one he has to get rid of one in the collection. His choice. At times this is easy and times hard.
Jared has a difficult time in school,he has a hard time concentraiting and is often the object of ridicule( MOST difficult for me to deal with )
Jared has above average intelligence in some areas, He can tear appart a mower OR vacuum and get it back togeather. He actually has a mower business and earns cash.We were forced to get him a saving acct becuase he had earned over 1,000 dollars. In fact he saved enough money to buy his OWN Xbox AND games. He also repairs vacuums for people.
I am starting to hear more about A.S. in the mainstream.and I am glad for this,its great for Jared and and everyone who has A.S.
Jared is having a banner year due to an AMAZING teacher and increadible resource staff at his school Jared now has 3 friends and is behaving in a more scocially acceptable manner.He is in 6th grade and trying SO hard to concentrait.
I LOVE MY ASPBERGERS SON and I SO proud of him for trying SO hard this year.
Jared Mom

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